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Brigitte Müller-Lankow, MA

Social Science Translation Bonn

Sankt-Augustinus-Str. 33

53175 Bonn



As a native German speaker, Brigitte Mueller-Lankow studied philosophy, education, and social sciences at the University of Bonn. After having worked as a research associate at the Information Center for Social Sciences in Bonn, Germany (now GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, Cologne) for several years, she left Germany and went to the USA to complete a master's degree in humanistic and counseling psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She lived there for 11 years, studying and working in social science and psychological fields before going back to Germany. As a translator, she works with native American speakers who also have social science and psychological background. 

Translations in social sciences require competent partners who have both the appropriate language skills and a sound understanding of the subject matter. As a bilingual team with native speakers in both languages, we offer our clients our longtime experience as translators for clients from the academic sector. Both the social science expertise and the unique bilingual cooperation allow the highest possible sense of both languages and lead to the optimal translation solution for the target language. When implementing our projects, we strive for efficient cooperation with the authors and absolute adherence to deadlines.

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Our services include German-English and English-German translations as well as editing of books, manuals, periodical articles, questionnaires, publications, lectures, and conference papers in psychology/psychotherapy/psychoanalysis and the social sciences (sociology, systems theory, communication science, political science, education/pedagogy); economics and law are excluded.

Our clients include the Hogrefe Publishing Group, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences in Cologne, the University of Zurich, the University of Vienna, the University of Bonn, the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information at the University of Trier, and many more university or research institutes.

Latest book project: 
Charakterstärken - Trainings und Interventionen für die Praxis, Ryan M. Niemiec (Original title: Character Strengths Interventions - A Field Guide for Practitioners, 2018 Hogrefe Publishing)
translated from American English into German
by Brigitte Mueller-Lankow
published 2019 by Hogrefe Publishing in Bern 



Translation € 0,70 - 1,10 per line (60 characters including spaces), depending on the level of difficulty. 
All prices are exclusive of value-added tax. We would be happy to provide a free sample page in advance.
Prices for proofreading by arrangement.



Placing of orders
via e-mail ( or by telephone(+49 (0) 171 125 8986).

After receiving your document by e-mail, we will send you an offer. Contracts for work and services are also possible, as long as the VAT liability is considered. Clients outside Germany are exempt from VAT.

If you like the offer, please confirm the order by e-mail or in writing.
After completing the order you will receive an invoice from us. No invoice will be issued for contracts for work and services. Of course, your correction requests will be taken into account and implemented without further charge. We are grateful for any feedback, so please do not hesitate to tell us your opinion.  

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